About Us

We are esentially an old company with a new hat, comprising graduate-level freelance Associates with appropriate writing qualifications as well as wide experience.

Based centrally in Manchester, England, we can address most assignments online and are particularly well-placed to handle those that demand on-site research in this region.

The original business was formed in 1995 by project and business development managers from hi-tech defence industries. ‘Total Business Solutions’ (tbs) then referred to support for business planning, project management, project scheduling, TQM, configuration management and the like (as well as ‘copywriting’, ‘technical writing’ and other documentation services). After this relatively short time, tbs now refers to writing in the following formats, combined with a ‘heads-up’ on everything else associated with offline and online communication – and the above experience and disciplines are still clearly very relevant in all departments!


The services provided by eclipse tbs and its Associates are primarily:”thinking”

writing – what is traditionally called copywriting, ie those inventive, crisp, persuasive, provocative, succinct, relevant and brief words that seem to escape you just when you most need to use them – for maximum impact in any offline or online document, particularly PR and advertising type media, but including all the other types of documents mentioned below. Also what is traditionally called technical writing, ie for effective and accurate supply of information, particularly in manuals and training media.

offline documents:

  • PR and advertising media – fabricating sales materials, corporate, product and service brochures, industry reports, corporate annual reports, advertising copy, newsletters, business plans and research documents.
  • proposals – building bid documentation for tenders that gain a competitive advantage and ‘sell’, using drawings, photography and other illustrations as well as informed and persuasive words.
  • manuals – transforming customer-supplied documents into user-friendly and informative in-house and customer, offline and online, system, user and maintenance documents.
  • editing – making the content, grammar, spelling, style and general presentation in existing documents more appropriate, compliant and professional.
  • speeches – using synergy with managers, team leaders and marketers to design and provide hard and soft copy speech and presentation material.
  • training aids – writing offline staff and customer training course material.
  • print management – liaison with bureaus and printers for all (local only) activities associated with the production of hard-copy documents.

online documents:

  • website writing, presentation and authoring – combining writing skills with the use of the latest multimedia, graphics and website assembly tools to produce fast, attractive, functional and professional looking websites, with a style tailored for the subject matter. The emphasis is always on the words (conditioned by search directory / search engine needs), together with carefully designed and arranged navigation.
  • website management – the routine uploading and maintenance of externally hosted websites, including server-side scripts, configuration management of coherent updates and the maximisation of search engine hits.

full service – as our name indicates, we can also support a complete collaborative communications solution, ie the definition of a communications strategy; followed by the necessary writing; print design, management and production; photography; website design, development and maintenance.

Accurate spelling, correct grammar in the use of written English prose (UK or US) – and Coleridge poetry if necessary!, together with style compliance, can always be assumed as a matter of course in any eclipse tbs product, large or small.

Our policy is also to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships and working relationships with preferred suppliers, eg for website services, domains, designers (when necessary), bureaus and printers (as well as customers), in which loyalty and trust play important roles, as long as you’re all left-handed!

The bottom line is that to meet your communications objectives there is no substitute for real world experience and quality control. This fact applies as much as it ever did to exponentially advancing forms of communication, and you don’t have to pay the earth to get it. Web wizards and graphic designers, etc, are part of the equation, but experienced marketers, managers and wordsmiths with proven skills in those fields are, shall we say, more rare. If you don’t use us, we can only suggest that you seek assistance from professionals offering the same combination of assets.

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