The record on this page highlights when significant updates have been made to this website (for clarity, all of this record is now based on the current multi-page structure of the site, rather than partly on the one-page site that was provided for some time). The updates made at each of these times will be shown in orange text until the next significant update, when they will be shown in their normal colours.

28 Nov 2002 (Additions – this ‘Amendments’ section and a ‘References’ page with many links to pages outside this tutorial providing more in-depth or informed details).

27 Dec 2002 (A JavaScript adding an image to the cursor removed as it may have been annoying to some visitors).

13 Jan 2003 A link added (to the Preface page) to bookmark the site netscape) or for adding the site to ‘favorites’ (Internet Explorer). Useful links placed in the righthand column. Accessibility improvements – text size and line space increased, text column width reduced, background colour made softer and max picture width reduced to 640 pixels (for displays set to 640×480 pixels). Search facilities in the ‘Surfing page’ changed.

19 Jan 2003 Some details on ‘Downloading’ added to the Surfing page. A note and a caution added to the Preface page.

30 Jan 2003 More details included in the Introduction page. Some details on Searching and Advertisements added to the Surfing page. Links 6 and 7 (Windows OS help) added. Details on ICANN (domain names, etc) added. All but one of the ‘useful’ links in the righthand column removed to stop them consuming download time and I don’t need the meagre amount they earn!

5 Feb 2003 A link to a web hosting company added to the Website Creation page. The layout of details in the Preface and Introduction pages changed and the site edited and tidied up, eg to clarify some points concerning multipliers and units of measurement. The hyperlinked heading ‘Advertisements’ changed to ‘Promotions’, to be seen by PCs with Internet security software set to block ad’s (I know – it’s strange, but true!).

27 Feb 2003 References 8 to 14 added. Details on web design – Introduction, Training and Planning added (in the present Website Creation page). Hyperlinks on all pages made sexy (in Internet Explorer). The request for feedback (in the present Introduction page) changed.

1 March 2003 – A para. added to the Preface page. The main column (on all present pages) made narrower to avoid the Geocities banner. The Design section on the present Website Creation page modified.

3 March 2003 – A major structural change to the site, because the original single page was becoming cumbersome. I hope you liked the new look!

6 March 2003 – A general tidy up and some more links added.

10 March 2003 – Many more links added. Firewall tips and more added.

12 March 2003 – More details added in the Design parts of the Website Creation page and the whole site tidied up.

15 March 2003 – The code on all pages ‘cleaned up’.

17 March 2003 – Home page links changed and backgrounds added to the redundant righthand column on all pages.

19 March 2003 – A positive feedback acknowledged on the Introduction page.

20 March 2003 – The first Glossary page (a-c) introduced and associated pages changed.

26 March 2003 – A general tidy up, with cosmetic changes.

27 March 2003 – A JavaScript world clock added to the Website Creation page (and changed for Summer Time on 30 March 2003).

2 April 2003 – The Glossary framework introduced.

7 May 2003 – A Java Applet added to the Website Creation page.

30 May 2003 – Eclipse TBS website links (URLs) changed on the Preface (frames version) and Website Creation (noframes version) pages, to take account of ISP/domain name changes. Various other minor changes incorporated on all pages.

1 June 2003 – Righthand column removed from each page, because the Geocities banner is no longer there.

4 June 2003 – Link added for PC builds/upgrades.

6 June – Glossary (a-c) nearly completed, notes and link added to the Website Creation/References pages on the subject of Active Server Pages (ASP).

10 June – Glossary (d-e) nearly completed.

15 June 2003 – The Glosary given a good going over.

16 June – the Java Applet removed, because it didn’t work for all.
1 November 2003 – The World Clock changed, because the first one stopped working.

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