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This website was last updated on 23.4.03.

Those with no spare time should go straight to offline docum for paper (ie hard) copy or online docum for web-based, ie soft copy.

Eclipse tbs are writers with the ability to address all offline and online written and multimedia communication needs. This website is rich in detail on the range of services eclipse tbs are able to offer that needs to take no more than 15 minutes to read. The primary emphasis is on writing, with secondary (but equally important) emphasis being placed on associated functions such as the processing of hard-copy and the presentation of web-based copy.
It’s an unpretentious, yet intentionally provocative website (with many features and reminders of what you almost certainly know but sometimes forget) making full use of colour and illustrations relating to the text. You’ll know exactly where you are, have the facility to leave easily at any time and the website will not cause you to be left trapped anywhere during your visit. If your browser fails to keep up, just exit and click on our URL again straight away (if you’re interested that is!), because we will still be in its cache

Links are included to examples of available product navigation methods, but the website isn’t cluttered with a lot of links in which you end up lost in chat.

We align with clients to help ensure their success, by delivering exceptional communications solutions.

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