Offline Documents

editing – An editor will proof-read eclipse tbs documents that are produced for any purpose (for style compliance, spelling, grammar and general quality). Only when the writer of the copy has taken account of the editor’s mark-ups will this copy be supplied to a client for approval. If requested, such editing can be carried out on an existing document, but the document should be reviewed by an eclipse tbs writer first.

PR and sales

This is the arena in which the copywriting profession grew and thrived, because of the inherent demand for words (as well as other devices) in sales media to inspire, motivate or change the perceptions of their readers or observers.

Such documents include all sales literature, corporate, product and service brochures, industry reports, corporate annual reports, advertising copy, newsletters, business plans and research material.

Before primarily addressing the writing of technical manuals, eclipse tbs designed and produced the monthly newsletter for Vodafone Corporate (for all Vodafone Corporate customers) and other such documents for countless clients.


Eclipse tbs experience includes business development (with many successes) in the UK side of the world’s largest sonar manufacturer (Anglo-French). We’re now realistically targeting the marketing needs of small to medium sized companies, with correspondingly smaller budgets.

A technical proposal needs to be structured in a specific way, with an Executive Summary and several levels of detail. The words (particularly in the Executive Summary) need to emphasise all the benefits being offered and address why these are better than those being offered by the competition, in a very subtle way. This and the quality of its presentation will win every time (all other things being equal). Eclipse tbs would be delighted to participate in this way in a bid programme to ensure you win that contract.

manuals and handbooks

Check it A significant activity of eclipse tbs since 1997 has been the writing of handbook copy for hi-tech RAF and RN capital systems, designed and manufactured in the UK Defence industry. This required compliance with defence standards and a writing style geared towards the needs of Maintainers and Operators. All feedback on the quality of the handbooks was complimentary, in particular regarding their user-friendly design.


A writer will work with your Presenter to optimise a speech and eclipse tbs will create the necessary visual media, eg using Powerpoint and transparencies or slides if required. High quality digital photography is available and video recordings can be arranged if necessary.


Project Management experience of eclipse tbs people included instruction on projects to customer staff. An eclipse tbs writer, working with your Trainer and other information sources to prepare training aids and other course material, will therefore ensure the success of any training programme.

print management

Let Eclipse do the leg work

No…. it can’t be Big Brother.

Print it Eclipse tbs addressed graphics design and print management between 1995 and 1997. This included desktop publishing, production of camera copy, liaison with bureaus for the production of bromides/negatives and the plate production, print runs, cutting, collating, punching and binding of hard copy performed by print companies. This service is again being offered by eclipse tbs publications.

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