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Why should you use us when you need online support? Some existing websites are good (but were probably very, very expensive). Some websites for medium-sized companies are, however, very disjointed and dissipated (probably after different people have left their fingerprints). Also, if you have the time, look at some of the slow Flash-based websites, even some of the established and no doubt costly commercial sites, in which the text is either too small or poorly colour-matched to read or what they have to say is not coherent. Attempts to navigate large product ranges are often very untidy. And oh yes, many of us do have the gift of the (written) gab.
Internal IT sideline once a year?

Maybe we should be careful what we say.

Save your investment and time and take control of your website. Get rid of the endless parade of expensive graphic designers, marketing ‘experts’ (not the grafters) and web gurus that have a ‘new’ way to succeed on the net (or at least don’t put them in charge). Get back to the ‘basics’……………… of selling the benefits of your products or services (supported by quality images when necessary, or for emphasis, or to retain interest). Have your best salesperson working non-stop for peanuts, to pull away from the competition and become a web success story.

Only about 2% of ‘online’ businesses are making money (3% next month when your business goes online with its new eclipse tbs website). They all have one thing in common: great website copy. Your words must sell to be successful. They have to convey benefits not features. That is the key to powerful online documents.

Two examples: A charity (under construction) A tutorial on PCs and the Internet

website writing

We subconciously adjust how we express ourselves, depending on who we are speaking to and our intended message. Your website must do the same; people enter your website seeking information from the words, or copy (and images). However, websites present an additional challenge for the wordsmith: the integration of the words needed by the crawlers used by search engines to find your site and record its details with a high ranking. Perfect copy has to be compromised as little as possible to accommodate these ‘keywords’. That’s website writing, as skilfully undertaken by eclipse tbs writers

Eclipse tbs writers will write or update the copy in your website in a way that describes your products or services with charisma and originality as well as accuracy. If products are already described, eg in Adobe online pdf standard files, these or their introductions will be made to do justice to your products and encourage visitors to become your potential customers.

We will transform your existing website copy from uninspiring to engaging and impressive, stale to stimulating, features to benefits, so that your website is then working as hard as you are 24 hours a day every day, for the relatively low ongoing costs of your domain, server and (most importantly) the search engines/directories guiding customers to your website.

We will write e-mails using copy and images tailored to promote your product or services that potential customers will read.

website presentation

The architecture chosen for this ‘no-frames’ version of our website is based on tables, allowing all browser versions to view it. The architecture of the ‘frames’ version of our website (accessed from the Main Intro page) is based on frames, with scrollbars banished (except in the demos), because we believe it enhances elegance and accessibility if done carefully.

We will present your website to be visually friendly, attractive and imaginatively laid out. The space on each page will also be optimised for its marketing and merchandising value. Its architecture, including the navigation methods, will be designed based on its objectives and content. The window layouts, together with buttons and other links will then be arranged elegantly and practically to ensure that visitors will know exactly where they are at any time and can jump to wherever they want with one click.

navigation: When your French guest in the Peugeot that he brought through the tunnel always ends up in a farmyard in Middle Wallop when trying to find another place of interest (farms can be interesting you know), who’s to blame? You the host trying to be a good navigator of course and there’s nothing more annoying than to be in a website where you quickly become lost in a maze of stuff you simply aren’t interested in and you don’t know how to get back to the stuff you thought you were interested in (even if you can remember what that was). If you’re a busy Marketing Manager, you’ll simply click back to a search engine.

Another form of navigation is that needed to select from hundreds or possibly thousands of items in a record, eg a product range, descriptions for which are then to be presented. Two efficient methods (neither of which are dependent on server-side applications that can be cleanly incorporated by eclipse tbs) are the Windows Explorer style (JavaScript), the new JavaScript style and the Online Help style. The latter needs frames and therefore can’t be described in this ‘no-frames’ version of our website.

website management

Eclipse tbs will handle the routine work associated with setting up and maintaining your website and any work associated with updates.

85% of visitors will find your website through a keyword search, so it is essential that you are listed towards the top of search indexes. This was addressed earlier under Website ‘Writing’. Eclipse tbs will also positively register your site with the top search engines and directories and repeat this when necessary. Your registration must be absolutely individual to your website to be effective and, noting that it is your most important online marketing device, no compromise should be allowed.

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