From an unambiguous specification (see the Specification Guide below), we’ll quote you and tell you what we can do for you very professionally (and if we’re slow, we pay; we want repeat business and recommendations). As an initial cost indicator:

• Our author or copywriter man-hour rate is £20-£30, depending on obvious factors such as contract duration.

• Design of a fully implemented web page or host frameset in most websites costs £50-£100, depending on the number of features wanted (excluding the sourcing / writing / editing of copy and other assets). Remember that the ‘budget’ website designers are not writers, so the quality of the actual content will depend on your own resources, and you don’t want your site to be just average, do you?.

• Analysis of an existing website costs between £100 (for a quick heads-up) and £400 (for a full analysis of all aspects with specific, detailed recommendations).

For small projects, payment is required in advance (of course) and, for larger projects priced above £1000, work will begin on receipt of a 50% deposit, 25% is due upon delivery of your first draft and the final 25% is due when the project is completed.

specification guide

If you send us an enquiry or a request for a price, you might find the following details and choices useful as an aide memoir.

Type of Work – Paper copy (brochure, annual report, ad copy, business plan, newsletter, press release, mailer, proposal, speech, manual, proofreading, etc); Online copy (website evaluation, remodelling or creation, frames or no-frames and Flash preferences, etc, server includes or all client-side, include domain registration, webspace and search registration, etc).

Intended audience, approximate timing / deadline, budget (if appropriate), type of writer or other skills needed.

Project information – Communication (web address, e-mail attachments, mail, courier). If e-mail (electronic), which applications used (Word, WordPerfect, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Fireworks, Flash, etc). PC or Mac. Other known project details. Contact details.

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