If you’re looking for a quick heads-up on the PC and use of the internet and you want to avoid spending money for the privilege, you should now focus on this (completely free) website and not allow seductive ads, etc to distract you. The website is aimed at serious, mature PC users, who want to advance their computing and/or online knowledge (not children or novices, for which excellent websites are already available, bless their little cotton socks).

You can navigate to anywhere in the site from this Preface (Home) page and any other page, using a common, expanding JavaScript MENU instead of buttons and gizmos of various shapes and sizes cluttering the pages like fairy lights on a Christmas tree.

As the site expands over time, suggested links to carefully selected sources of further learning will be added (see the ‘References’ page); these sources will be those providing further details on specific topics, such as how to maintain and upgrade a PC, and how to write the code used in web pages: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, ASP, PERL, PHP, etc.

NOTE: Simply-stated, this tutorial is completely free and the author accepts no legal liability (moral responsibility maybe – and I’m always here to help!) for any problems directly or indirectly caused by interpretation and use of its content.


1 Linked sources providing further details are located in seperate websites, in which you may become so fascinated that you lose yourself and your focus on this tutorial (only joking folks)!

2 I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s the blind leading the blind, but at the same time (unlike the geeks) I acknowledge that I don’t know all the answers, so I might make a few mistakes along the way.

thanks, Dave Stuttard

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