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We are eclipse tbs. We are writers (copy and technical) and we are very good ones too. But, as a full communications firm that combines strategy with creativity, we do a lot more, to provide documentation solutions, as you will learn from the rest of this website, but this suite of pages is concerned with words – our main expertise. We know how to write words that inform, build brands and get results. We are fast on our feet, professional and passionate about wanting our words to work for you.

Put the power of words to work for your enterprise!

Words that work by delivering your message clearly and with the eloquence that’s needed to cut through today’s media clutter.

From web content to annual reports, writers at eclipse tbs find the right words to say what you mean. We avoid jargon and concentrate on clear communication. We work your ideas to craft them into meaningful written communication for your websites, presentations, sales materials, corporate, product and service brochures, industry reports, corporate annual reports, advertising copy, newsletters, business plans, research documents, training aids and manuals.

Specific aspects of website writing (electronic or soft copy) are described in Online Documents. Specific aspects of all other writing work are described in Offline Documents, together with Print Management, which is associated with hard copy (still with us).

We have decades of experience crafting words to describe products. We also have significant experience creating compelling and persuasive messages for businesses to help them sell their products. We do a lot more than words too.

We can edit a client’s existing copy if only minor changes are required (but, in practice, editing assignments will normally become writing projects using the original copy as source material).

Do your writers have the time?


Of course, websites reach the huge online audience, but many businesses mistakenly believe that they can produce an effective web presence simply by re-packaging their print brochures. Visitors expect more than that, both to find your site and when they get there. To get new visitors at all and then to communicate with them, the content should be unique and written specifically for the web as described in Online Documents. Eclipse tbs will have the solution…….

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